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The Forex trading sa being an OTC (Over the Counter) market is one among the foremost difficult markets to manage since there’s no central exchange where Forex trading us activities are being administered . due to the unregulated nature of the over-the-counter market , to guard U.S based investors from being scammed, the United States government has introduced a regulatory framework to need all financial services providers to be a registered member of a licensed exchange. In short, the broker must be a member of the Natural Futures Association (NFA) or the Commodity Futures online trading south africa Commission (CFTC). However for the U.S, the most regulatory authority which is liable for regulating forex trading is that the NFA.

Approving and licensing of forex brokers

Ensuring all approved brokers are in compliance with regards to their capital requirement
Monitoring for fraudulent activities and stop such activities
Reviewing the compulsory audited reports submitted by the brokers
In other words, the NFA ensures that each one brokers operating within the U.S financial online trading industry are operating with integrity, transparency and in compliance of their regulatory requirements. to assist Forex traders verify the regulatory status of brokers, the NFA has also provided a verification system referred to as called Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC) where traders can log in and check if a broker is an approved broker that’s in compliance with all the regulatory requirements.

Trading Platform & Software

There are two main sorts of aussie forex platforms adopted by brokers, proprietary which are built and designed in house by the broker or generic/white labeled platforms which are built by a 3rd party and have the brokers branding, like their logo. the foremost popular example of this is often the MetaTrader4 by MetaQuotes. this is often adopted by most if not all forex brokers on the market today. Other popular examples are the Sirix Platform and therefore the cTrader. It’s worth test-driving the proprietary platforms first so as to make a decision if their structure and interface suits you as a trader.

As the trading platform is that the most vital a part of the broker’s operation, most brokers offer their clients a choice of a couple of different sorts of trading platforms.

Desktop Platform/Download

Depending on the trader’s preference, there’s usually a choice of a desktop trading online platforms which traders can download and install onto their desktop computers like the MetaTrader 4 platform.


Alternatively if they are doing not wish to download and install any software, they will choose an internet based trading platform which may be accessed employing a browser .

Mobile Trader

For traders who find themselves on the move and need to stay in-tuned with all the developments within the financial markets, they will use mobile trading apps which may be downloaded and installed onto their smartphones or mobile devices.

What is most vital when evaluating a forex brokers nz platform is to make sure that it’s user friendly and comes with all the required tools which will help a trader trade more effectively. Important tools that feature on trading platforms include advanced charting systems with the power to include indicators and studies. this is often particularly useful for those traders that believe trading strategies. Other features a live market news stream to stay the trader update, although sometimes this features on the brokers website instead of on the platform, economic calendar of upcoming events, live support directly from the platform and therefore the ability to trade from charts.

Commissions, Spreads & Leverage

Trading costs represent an enormous determinate factor of a trader’s ability to form profit when forex australia . the upper the value of trading, the more prices need to move within the trader’s favor before he can make take advantage of his trade. Hence, it’s crucial that you simply pay close attention to the commissions and spreads that a broker will levy on your trade.


In the Forex bonus industry, most brokers don’t charge their traders any commission on the trades that they create . However in cases where the broker may be a Non Dealing Desk (NDD) where the trader’s order is transmitted on to the liquidity pool, the broker will typically charge traders little commission for his or her service. The key advantage of trading with a NDD broker is that the raw interbank spreads which traders will have access to.


The normal trading cost which a trader will incur is that the spread which they pay on the asset traded. The spread is simply the difference between the BID and ASK price. Spreads are often within the sort of deriv spreads or within the sort of variable spreads.

Fixed Spreads

Fixed spreads as their name implies are fixed and better than variable spreads. they’re suitable for traders who want to understand beforehand the spread that they’re going to pay before executing a trade.

Variable Spreads

Variable spreads on the opposite hand although less than fixed cfd trading  can fluctuate counting on the volatility within the market.


One major limitation which forex traders within the U.S will face is that the leverage which they will get from their brokers. due to the regulatory requirements imposed by the NFA, synthetic Indices brokers in U.S can only offer their clients a maximum of 1:50 leverage ratio. Leverage is that the ability to multiply your capital so as to realize more exposure to the market. So 1:50 leverage means your invested capital are going to be worth 50 times quite its face value. Leverage comes with extra reward but also increases the danger level, so should be used carefully by novice traders.